Friday, June 21, 2019


I have a feeling this summer will come and go quickly though we aren't looking forward to the extreme heat. So far it's just been in the 90s with an occasional 100 but we have been much higher than that when REAL SUMMER comes. Caryn and I are trying to get out and enjoy our town before it's TOO HOT. We visited our local art gallery, had a great lunch, talked lots and walked then it was time to go home and nap. Caryn's gone in July to babysit her dg's home while they travel to Europe as a family for 3 weeks.

Spent an hour or so in Sears Art Gallery, watercolor of early St. George area
Thrift stores are always entertaining just to look but not buy
My friend Caryn loves to shop for bargains
Lots to see, love their arrangements
Always something unusual and old looking


  1. Fun times with good/best friend is the Best of Times! There's not much else to compare to it. Glad you and Caryn had a great day.

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

  2. So glad you have Caryn to prowl around with. When summer comes here we move outdoors, while there you move indoors with the air conditioner. You make up for it later when it is raining and cold here.

  3. It's so wonderful that you and Caryn get to do so many fun things together. You're both so creative.