Friday, January 11, 2019

Another Family Member GRADUATES

My cousin Jody Berg Renstrom graduated from this life last night. I tried to call her last night, now I know why she didn't answer...any news on when the funeral will be? I did talk with her last week and she was feeling miserable had been in the hospital since Dec 12th with pneumonia and RSV, on oxygen 24 hrs. She was ready to go, in her 80s and lived quite the life. In many ways she was like a sister to me in taking me to visit other churches in California when I was a young teen and she was looking for a church. We found the Mormons-not realizing we were already Mormons-at least I was baptized at age 8 in UTah but knowing nothing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because of her example and taking me to church I gained a testimony and later attended BYU. She was there for me during the years as I married in the temple, got divorced and started over as a single parent raising my son when I moved back to Utah. Rest in Peace dear Jody with all our family on the other side. You will be missed and are appreciated and loved.

Grandma Alda Johnson with her first grandchild Jody
Jody with her parents Les and Esther Johnson Berg
Jody with her little sister Marion
Jody hunting with her dad
Jody as a young teen
GM Johnson visiting at Knox Berry Farm: Lin, GM, Jody, Marion +Esther
The Berg family in Lawndale California
Jody and her first son Gregory living in Texas
Keith+Jody wedding in St. George UT with Gm and Ethel+Sonny

Jody and Keith Renstorm
Berg Family at parents 50th wedding anniversary
Esther and Jody shared the same birthday December 23rd

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