Sunday, December 2, 2018

Happy BIRTHDAY Mom # 102

It's my mom's birthday # 102 today if she was still with us. i dreamed of her last night and since I can't send her a birthday card-here's celebrating her life and all she did for her family-me included.

1. Born in Silver City, Utah-now a ghost town near Eureka.
2. First in her family of 5 siblings to graduate from high school in Eureka, Utah
3. First woman in Utah to get her license as a ham radio operator, my dad her boy friend taught her how to do morse code and set up a station in her family home so they could talk. He lived about 100 miles away in Stockton, Utah.
4. Secretly eloped and got married to my dad while out for to a dance she told her mom. They both returned home to their parents and didn't reveal their marriage till weeks later.
5. Lived all over the railroad in humble stations while my dad pursued his career as a dispatcher.
6. Became a widow at age 27 when husband killed in private airplane crash, raised one child-me almost 5 years then
7. Worked as a secretary for Union Pacific railroad in Milford. moved to SLC, then to Eureka and worked as a telephone operator.
8. Moved to So. California, transferred her job, bought a trailer and we lived with her sister Esther and then in Pete's Trailer court.
9. Remarried in 1958 to Earl Blomberg-WWII Veteran, retired, traveled the US and settled in No. California Grass Valley where he built them a home.
10. Movedot UTah to be with family and grandkids in 1979, lived there till her death in 2007 enjoying family visits, get togethers and especially Sunday dinners. NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN!

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