Friday, August 24, 2018

Thanks BLOGGING FRIENDS for commenting

One of my loyal blogging friends sent me an email saying her comments weren't showing on my blog. So I took a look at my SETTINGS and guess what-last June I got several spam comments so I CHANGED my settings to examine each comment before posting. Somehow all it did was BLOCK each comment and there they were all 20 of them from June 2018 until today. So I published them, NOW I understand why I was getting NO COMMENTS from my friends. THANKS Dellgirl for the email I appreciate you more than you'll ever know after 11 years of!

I put links on FACEBOOK for EACH ol my blogs and have many loyal friends there who comment also but was wondering what happened to my old BLOGGER friends. Now I know the REST OF THE STORY! Shows how easy it is to judge a situation WITHOUT ALL THE FACTS.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Back from smokey to Idaho and Canada to clearer Nevada and St. George UTAH. So wonderful to feel that you can breathe without inhaling smoke.

Great trees in Idaho, but mountains in the distance are hidden
Starting to see a little clearer in the distance
Nevada and you can see forever and also there are clouds and blue skies!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Returning from Smokey IDAHO

Great vacation and time away from the extreme heat in St. George but now ready to leave the smokey skies here behind.
Rental cabin in Moyie River near Canadian border near Bonners Ferry

Greetings to the Flory/Floyd!

Taking a hike to one of many awesome waterfalls
I had my own nature guide-hubby who worked many years for forest service
It's a white tailed deer, also saw turkeys, fish, an eagle and other wildlife;
28 acres of raw land that hubby would love to develop someday...
Heading home by way of Lake Pend Oreille just beautiful
View of Clearwater River in Orofino, Idaho

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Just a short day trip to Creston Canada over the border from Northern Idaho. Had to show my passport and Allen's Canadian passport card to get into Canada.

That's smoke not fog everywhere
mother swallow with hungry baby birds to care for
Canadian fresh fruit was so templting, we bought some to take home

Monday, August 13, 2018

Off to Bonners Ferry Idaho again

Just a little vacation to get away from the heat and smoke in St. George. It is a little cooler-about 10 degrees but it terribly smoky everywhere. Hopefully as we get closer to the Canadian border it will clear up...
Skies are mostly gray with smoke, so it's a real treat to see blue and clouds.
Staying at Blackfoot Idaho tonight after 9 hours of driving
This is southern Idaho barren, dry and needing rain as we all do.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

Latest report, it's a tie between the raccoons or other critters that like our peaches and my hubby. Despite all the frame and netting, they got into the peaches, so hubby made a trap but that didn't work so he picked the remaining peaches which were many and called it a tie until next year.

The addition of pop cans on the netting didn't stop the critters climbing up
A baited trap slowed them down some but didn't trap them or stop them
Decided they were ripe enough to pick if we wanted to eat any of them.
Some are quite green but will ripen probably all at once
Tasty addition to yogurt and cereal

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Happy Birthday Hakan-now 15!

So excited, son arrives for my oldest son Frank and wife Nedret
I think we look alike, me on left, Hakan on right...

Growing up 2012, not a teenager yet!
Graduating from 8th grade!