Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Guarding the PEACHES

It's almost peachtime in St. George again and our little 4 foot peach tree is about ready. But the chipmunks and raccoons know that too and made an early incursion into our crop and got several green peaches. Hope they got a belly ache. This inspired my hubby to build a net enclosure around our tree which seems to be working. Let you know in a few weeks the results.

Look at those luscious peaches ripening on our tiny tree
Pounding these plastic stakes into the hard ground, needed a metal rod first
Covered over wtih nylon net with ends secured to ground with rocks


  1. PEACHES! One of our greatest blessings.... I hope you savor each and every one of them slowly when they ripen!

  2. Oh wow! You’re so lucky. I’m very jealous!

  3. Good luck guarding your peaches. Raccoons can get into just about anything. If they attack again, you might have to pick the peaches green and let them ripen inside.