Monday, July 16, 2018

Family is what life is about...

Establishing a home where children are welcomed, loved and nurtured, is so important and hopefully inspires them to start families of their own. Reunions and other special occasions, holidays and just ordinary days give us the opportunity to reach out to each other with hugs and support in our individual journeys. Families are needed. I've enjoyed reconnecting with various families from my past this summer. My first family I joined when I married into the Hatches, then visiting my hubby's Floyd family on the Oregon coast and after that attending a funeral of a beloved cousin Keith Renstrom who joined our Johnson family when he married my cousin Jody back in 1966. He was 97 and had lived a good long life.
Three lovely daughters l-r Alicia, Katherine and Sarah with their dad Allen
Sarah the organizer and hubby Chuck taking a selfie
Visitor looking lonely
Lots of mouths to feed and excellent food cooked by the daughters
Grand kids galore but some missing oldest daughter Deborah's family
Lots of game playing and puzzle making as well as beach activities
Cooks in action: Katherine and Sarah
Role playing games enthralled all ages
Adrianne enjoys a new book of fairy tales to read
Sarah's daughter Karrah enjoys Aunt Katherine reading to her
Step grandmother Lin reads to Karrah while her sister Annalise listens.
There's a smile from the patriarch Allen with Sarah and tasty burritos
Captive audience enjoys lots of family slides from the good old days.
Showing off his dad's Distinguishing Flying Cross


  1. Love those big family gatherings. Thanks for following my story on my blog!

  2. It's good to reunite with family who you don't get to see often.

  3. Fun times with family and friends is the BEST of THE BEST! There's not much else in life that compares to it. Glad you all had a great time!

  4. looks like a wonderful reunion...but is the name of that game on role playing

  5. Some lovely thoughts on family. So important a reminder for us all.
    And lovely photos too.

  6. Fun times with family is the best of the BEST! Love the photos!

  7. And a good time was had by all! Glad you took, and enjoyed your reunion trip! Looks like it was fun!