Saturday, June 2, 2018

Overcoming Lack of Energy

So summer is officially here as temps are predicted to be 100+ in our high mountain desert area. Time to HIBERNATE inside air conditioned houses, cars and buildings. Trying to walk by 6 am when the temps are under 70s is a CHALLENGE and trying to overcome the NAP all day isn't easy. Every time I sit in my recliner to read, I'm soon napping which is fun, but not at night when my eyelids won't close. Overcoming LACK OF INERTIA during the day is tricky-making too long of a TO DO list can push me into longer naps.

A friend of mine has an idea for those TASKS THAT SEEM FORMIDABLE like: clean the bathroom, organize the computer desk, etc. She sets her smart phone or I-Pad or oven timer for 40 minutes and dives into challenging tasks and in no time at all, PROGRESS IS MADE. It feels so good that it motivates you to do more. TRY IT! I finally did a deep cleaning of my bathroom-washing area rugs and curtains, mopping, etc. It looks so great that it MOTIVATES me to do more in other rooms. Eventually hoping to do the same with my mind and spirit, but that's another TOPIC.


  1. I feel like with my broken arm, I’m also losing energy to do things because so many things I need to do hurt. Thank goodness it doesn’t usually get to 100 degrees in Hawaii because of our trade winds.

  2. Yes, this is a good strategy. And, it works very well. I've done it before and I like the results/progress it brings.