Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's DAY

To those important men in our families who chose to become a father and support their families. I've used this photo collage before but would like to identify the dads.

1st ROW: l-r 1-4 my dad Stanley Vernon and me, 5 my grandpa Harold Vernon, me and aunt Bonnie in back, GP Harold Vernon and his bride my GM Mildred Stevens, and my 2nd GP Francis Vernon from England, under him is my uncle Clarence who never married.

2nd ROW: My dad Stanley Vernon, me and my mom Evelyn Johnson, 4 generations: my 2nd GM Sarah Malin, GP Harold Vernon, my Dad Stanley Vernon and 2 GMAlice Smith; GP Harold Vernon, GGM Clara Wilkins and her husband GGP George Stevens, Vernon men:G UNCLE Malin, GP Harold, DAD Stanley and 2nd GP Joseph Vernon.

3rd ROW: in center 2 GP Richard Lowe and his grandchildren, Johnson bros-David,  Jack and GP Wm. M, my dad again.

4th ROW: 2nd GP W H. Stevens family, Elizabeth Durragh and husband 2ggpa Oscar Wilkins, ggpa Joseph Vernon and corner 3rd GP Edmund Horten and wife Maria Meade.

It's been fun over the past 58 years of doing genealogy to gather their histories and photos which are now stored on family search. They are my ancestors...without them I wouldn't be here.