Tuesday, June 12, 2018


June 12, 1993 Allen and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple . Twenty five years later we are retired after many adventures and travels along our way. Here's my 25 blessings to come from our time together thus far. May we continue to grow our eternal relationship forever...

1. Thanks for bringing LOVE and STABILITY to my life.
2. Making the commitments to be married in the TEMPLE.
3. Moving to UTAH-Mormon Territory to work and live.
4. Fun VACATIONS everywhere-Hawaii, British Columbia, Texas, Maine, Oregon, New Mexico, etc.
5. SETTLING down in UTAH after your RETIREMENT-living in St. George for 11 years now.
6. SUPPORTING me my church callings especially FAMILY HISTORY..
7. HELPING me with HOUSEWORK, especially doing the dishes everyday, cleaning bathroom, etc.
8. CHAUFFEURING me to Doctor Appts. and always opening door for me.
9. NURSEMAID and eye drop giver during illnesses and other health challenges.
10. SHARING HOLIDAYS and visits with my family and yours.
11. TELLING me your life story and taking me to TEXAS for the first time.
12. For YARDWORK-planting shrubs, flowers and pruning trees.
13. Being our GARBAGE MAN every week.
14. Attending CHURCH, SOCIALS and other cultural events with me.
15. HELPING me RAISE my last son Jeffrey.
16. Helping with my Mom's FINAL ILLNESS, moves and FUNERAL
17. Sharing your love and knowledge of the OUTDOORS.
18. EXAMPLE of HARD WORK, HONESTY and CARING for your family.
19. COMMITMENT-Being there for me day after day, year after year.
20. WILLINGNESS to buy nice furniture for our many homes over the years.
21. Your SENSE OF HUMOR, helping me laugh daily.
22. BEING YOU. Introducing me to your family.
24. Courage to MARRY again after a DIVORCE.
25. Daily DEVOTION and COMMITMENT to making US WORK.