Monday, April 23, 2018

Another BUSY weekend

I flew to SLC from St. George for the UTAH STATE POETRY Awards Festival in Provo which enabled me to also visit family. I stayed with my son Daniel's family and was happy to see everyone again. It was a busy time with the festival, but Emilee and I managed to attend the Provo City Temple for the first time and have lunch with Daniel, then visited on Sat evening. I attended church with them on Sunday for a special occasion as my grandson JAMES received the Aaronic priesthood last week and was able to pass the sacrament at church. Best part was getting a good bye hug from everyone as I left for the airport on Sunday evening and arrived home that night after a 40 minute flight much easier than a 4.5 hour drive to my chauffeur hubby and another hug. Also I won another award for a poem that took 3rd place and I got $20. Quite the weekend!

Son Daniel, me and grandson James now 12 years old
Grandma Lin with her favorite twin grand daughters: l-r Heather and Emilee
View of the great Salt Lake at sunset
Salt ponds in the Great Salt Lake
The Salt Lake City from the air
Utah State Poetry Festival and awards celebration in PRovo


  1. You certainly WERE busy, Lin. But that's the best kind of busy a person can be. Glad you had such a great weekend. Congratulations on winning 3rd place and $20. Good work, my dear friend!

  2. Home at last... home at last. Hallelujah! She is home at last. I get a little antsy when you're out of town. Glad to have you back within reach.

    Also glad you had such an enjoyable visit up north with kith and kin.