Thursday, April 19, 2018

And the WINNER is ME!

Poets not shown: Marilyn and Marleen
Wow, surprise I came out a BIG WINNER at the annual Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery Poetry to Art show. It's where we submit about 5 poems each and then artists select a poem for their inspiration to make a painting or other art piece. We had many of our St. George poets participate but unfortunately I was the only one win to any prizes. Would have liked to have others win also. But other years I wasn't a winner so guess you just take your turn.
L-R Marissa who came to cheer us on, Julie, Susan, Marie, Bonnie and me

I won Best of Show with the artist who made the batik for my haiku-$100 each

This lovely collage won us 2nd prize $30 each and People's choice ribbons

Lovely buffet was enjoyed by all


Jon and Julie Boe said...

It was really nice to meet the artists and mingle! Congratulations to our president and friend, Lin -- you did good, a bunch of times! And thanks to Gayle Pfeifer for fighting for us poets regarding this annual event. :-) Julie

Linda Reeder said...


dellgirl said...

Congratulations to you, Lin, Way to go! Thanks for sharing your event at the annual Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery Poetry to Art show. Keep up the good works my friend.

wispy willow said...

Yeah for my good friend, Lin! Her talent has been recognized by her peers again in 2018. Congrats on your winnings.