Saturday, January 13, 2018

Making PROGRESS in the New Year

Well, I'm liking the NEW YEAR and focusing on ACT DON'T REACT and living each day with gratitude  is certainly better than just reacting to whatever comes. If that makes sense to anyone. There will always be challenges in everyone's life, but they can be valuable life lessons. I feel like I'm making PROGRESS-moving forward with worthy goals. Learning to say no to new projects that I don't have time or energy for but focusing on my priorities:

1. Studying scriptures and praying daily keeps me in tune with inspiration that can come my way.
2. Being grateful for my many blessings helps keeps me focused on the good in my life.
3. Pursuing goals and activities that I love like interacting with family, doing genealogy research, preparing lessons and teaching fills my bucket.
4. Life is good. Looking for serendipity helps....unexpected blessings.

How's your NEW YEAR coming?

1 comment:

  1. I have been busy working on my goal to REDUCE. Yesterday we hauled a big load to Goodwill. I am doing my exercises and walking each day. Now if I could only get the weight to start coming off.