Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 49th to my son DANIEL

Amazing how fast the years fly by and my second born son is now a father of three teenagers and one almost 12 years old pre-teen, busy husband and teacher of Digital Design at UVU. He's a go-getter who accomplishes lots with his time serving others, leading his family, teaching and developing his talents and abilities. Through the years he's been there when I've needed his help with whatever-teaching me all about computers, repairing my digital equipment, coaching his younger brother's soccer team, being a mentor and supporter and great example, calling me often or emailing to see how I'm doing, cooking great meals for family get togethers, listening and asking questions that show that he cares for everyone whether in our family or in the community that surrounds him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Son.  Love you always and forever, Mom

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  1. Your son Daniel shares my grandson Isaac's birthday. Daniel sounds like a wonderful man. Happy birthday to him and congratulations to you for raising such a good man.