Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blue Moon, New Moon and No Moon

Busy morning started at 5 am when I awoke after dreaming of taking photos of the MOON HAPPENINGS. It was COLD probably around freezing when I bundled up to go outside to LOOK up at the moon. There it was being eclipsed by the earth's shadow. Of course, it's still dark and my camera even with its flash off doesn't get enough light in to take a sharp photo of the moon.

So BACK INSIDE to look up my camera's manual on my computer to know how to reset my ISO setting. That done, I'm BACK OUTSIDE, but can't hold my camera still enough to take a clear photo with a longer shutter opening. So BACK INSIDE into the warmth to find my tripod, then put my little camera on top, then BACK OUT into the cold again and the moon is almost totally eclipsed.

Well I think I'll just WAIT till it comes out of the earth's shadow to get the true! I sit down in my recliner and soon go to sleep to WAKE UP at 7:15 am to GO OUTSIDE, but the moon has gone below the horizon. So here is my photo from this morning.


  1. I think that's pretty good! You certainly put in the effort to get a photo. We didn't even get out of bed to look.

  2. Too funny! I can just imagine that happening to me, except that Art woke me up.