Monday, December 18, 2017


Good advice to myself, no matter the day, month or season. This was a motto or resolution from past years that I still try to follow. The easy way out in any tense situation is to REACT-it's almost automatic, but the better way is to ACT. Think first before opening your MOUTH or interacting negatively. That may require applying the PAUSE BUTTON. Everyone's way of stopping them self is different. When STRESS starts to take hold and it will as the holiday season progresses and our expectations of our self and others are unrealistic. When stressed out, STOP-take a deep breath, pray, take a walk or my favorite way of redirecting and working through my emotions is to write daily in my journal or anytime I have problems to work out in my mind. I know this doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try.

Examples: when someone is unkind to you in some way, your immediate reaction is to be unkind in return. Rather than TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY, let the unkind remark pass by you and don't feel the need to immediately DEFEND yourself or REACT with the same unkindness. NOT EASY BUT POSSIBLE. Tomorrow is another day to try is a PROCESS to learn from not just a destination. We can always IMPROVE and congratulate our self for making the effort to improve.

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  1. I started following Dan Harris 10% Happier by meditation. Just bought his newest book. Meditation certain does help me realize how crazy I get in my head and how much easier it is to act once I've figured that out.