Friday, August 18, 2017

Needing a RECHARGE?

In this day of multiple electronie devices, sometimes I feel like I need a station to plug me into to GET RECHARGED? It's been a long hot summer this year with a few medical challenges to overcome, BUT now that Fall is in the air-it's only 69 degrees at 6 am rather than 80 degrees––I'm reinvigorated. It always seem that way each year. Somehow with school starting even though my sons now have kids in school, I start to get a better routine going and work on some new projects.

My projects are mostly poetic as President of Dixie Poets, chair of the Youth Poetry Contest now in its 7th year and also finalizing some details for Poetry in the Park for next March plus will serve as Daughters of Utah Pioneers Historian for my camp to try to motivate them to write and collect their family histories. Then I'm doing several blogs and miscellaneous projects AND hubby just decided to trip to Texas for his 55th HS reunion-so that will be a fun adventure. Probably too many projects, but it's fun to feel my energies return as the sun heads south towards fall and winter.

How about you, what are you looking forward to?

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  1. We are enjoying cooler weather, but are still very much in summer mode, with walks and yard work in the cool mornings and lots of sitting and reading on the patio in the afternoon. These are the lazy days of late August.