Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pioneer Trails across Wyoming

The 1800s brought pioneers going to California, Utah and Oregon

Remains of wagon ruts remain
Fort Bridger, a welcome sight for weary pioneers to stock up on supplies and rest.
Hubby recalls a receipt book like this his g-parents had in their country store
Any thing you needed to resupply your wagon train to complete the journey
Interesting bathing tub with back rest for small children
Barracks or sleeping quarters

Ice house and stables for animals and wagons
Many repairs were needed on the wagon wheels because of rough roads/trails
Some came in carriages, a little more comfortable than wagons
Guard house for soldiers, has a prison cell too for when needs arose
Beds were elevated so guards wouldn't sleep???
Guard house of shelters during inclement weather
Commissary of goods available to buy, note brown paper and string to wrap up purchases
Freight wagons used to haul supplies to sell at Fort Bridger

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Linda Reeder said...

Our western history is so interesting. It's hard to imagine life in a pioneer wagon train.