Friday, July 28, 2017


I'm fascinated by history and especially in my area of the world. THE WEST. It's the story of my pioneer ancestors-Mormons who traveled across 1000 miles of plains, hills, mountains, deserts walking all the way as they contended with the elements, weather, diseases, inconveniences and danger from Indians and wildlife. It wasn't easy but they did it. We all have PIONEERS who came to AMERICA at some time-on the Mayflower or other ships to start a new life. Some of us have ancestors who were already here on this land NATIVE AMERICANS and some unfortunately were brought here as SLAVES. What a complex history is the story of this country. Here's more about Fort Bridger:

Model of Fort Bridger when it was an army outpost
Original foundation of the fort
Cooking area for the fort
Pioneer handcarts stopped at fort to restock their supplies
Cheaper than wagons but labor intensive
Lots of displays showing the history of the fort
Indians were part of the Fort history also
The fort area was originally a mountain men trading area with the Indians
Squaw collecting firewood with help of large dog
Officers quarters were larger and nicer than the enlisted men's barracks
Info on officers quarters

Outhouses for officers quarters


  1. We drove across the country a few years ago, and I thought often of the Western settlers as we made our trip. They were brave
    , for sure.

  2. I just got through reading Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton and these photo bring a lot of the book alive.