Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another MILESTONE #77

LIN letters, angels-Hope on left, Healing on right & motto-Hanging in there
Yesterday was my 77th birthday. I always remember my mom thinking she'd die at age 76 because her mother and sister did, but she lived to be almost 90-dying at age 89. Interesting that we don't know how long we  have here on earth or how we will check out or graduate. Looking back I'm wondering what my greatest accomplishment has been thus far. Personally-it was dancing professionally in a ballet company, graduating from college, teaching college dance classes, then later 1st grade and being an elementary school librarian, but my biggest accomplishment was becoming a wife and mother to four sons who are all adults now with their own lives.

Mommy dove using our old robin's nest
Families can teach us so much more than any job ever will in the way of taking responsibility 24/7 for others welfare including your spouse and any children you bring into this world. The opportunity to develop new personal skills, and personality strengths-patience, love, creativity and endurance are all part of it. With many young people today choosing NOT to assume these God-given responsibilities, they are missing the personal growth that can come. The satisfaction of guiding and supporting other human beings in a family as they search for their potential. (Just doing what comes naturally like the dove outside our bedroom window...)


  1. How wonderful to have a nesting dove!
    I didn't realize I was celebrating YOUR birthday as I played in the mountains! I hope you had a sweet day too!

    If I have time, I need to revisit my memoir, update it, and maybe contemplate what I think mt legacy is so far.

  2. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Lin. I hope you had a wonderful day. Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays!