Friday, June 23, 2017


St George just opened up their new Family History Center near the temple. We took a tour there and were amazed. Tomorrow's the last day of the guided tour-take some time to check it out if you live nearby.

Brand new, it's beautiful inside...

Free to the public open M,F 9am-5pm TWT 9am-9pm, Sat 11-3 p
Lots of huge computers to see your pedigree chart on
This was a photo of our tour group, but you can take family group
It's unbelieveable all ths info stored on familysearch-photos&stories
There's a world map that will show where your ancestors came from.
An area for children to play while parents do computer research

There's a room to video tape family stories in person.
Missed the room where you can see your face on ancestral costumes
So much information. There's also one of these centers in SLC
Lots of people being amazed by all there was to see and do.
Want to do research, all these computers connect to Internet
Two classsrooms for family history classes.
This is a slide scanner, going to be using this soon this summer
Just a block  north is the St. George LDS Temple

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting information and for the great photo tour. I enjoyed the visit, it's like I was there with you.