Friday, June 16, 2017


Life is full and despite health issues that seem to multiply as the years go by, I'm enjoying my endeavors and connections with family and friends. Good news from sports medicine doctor today my fall a couple of months ago that settled in my left shoulder is probably a slightly torn rotator cuff but is fixable or liveable without surgery just a steroid injection and exercises. Here's some photos from the past week with my friend Caryn who now lives here year round and is experiencing her first hot days of 110 degrees coming up this weekend. I suggested to her that we go to air conditioned movies or malls then hurry from AC homes to AC cars to AC events. We are enjoying our last cool mornings and being indoors working on project in the heat of the day and evenings now that SUMMER HAS ARRIVED.
Texas Sage is blooming like mad out our windows.
This we thought was a shrub became a flowering tree.
Our dry river bed is filled with blooming yucca!
Caryn is making us a gourmet ham sandwich.
So fun to listen to her fountain, watch birds, eat and talk in coolness


Linda Reeder said...

Living in the desert means living indoors just about the time we are moving outdoors. Stay safe in those HOT temps.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Oh Lin, I am sorry for that intense heat. I don't think I could survive it, even with AC, but the Texas Sage is quite lovely as is the blooming yucca, so obviously they don't mind the heat. :)

Caryn's sandwich looks gourmet indeed -- it makes my mouth water.

Jean said...

Your Texas Sage is beautiful!

Rambling Woods said...

I saw this on the news.... be safe! I'm glad your shoulder can be managed. Say hi to Caryn....