Saturday, April 15, 2017

Planting/gardening TIME

Since my hubby is reluctant to garden in our hot desert climate and puny soil, it's a major accomplishment to have convinced him to plant some onions and tomato plants this year.  We'll see what kind of crop we get...I was thrilled to get him to plant some new shrubs for those that died over the wintertime.

Thanks to Hubby for Honeydos, replacing some dying plants.
Dusty Miller will add to our landscaping now.
Thanks to Daniel's' family for a cactus that won't die
Lots of onions are growing, so we'll have some for cooking and salads!
Tomato plants are small now, also grape vines are regrowing
Roses are starting to bloom
Strawberries are blooming like crazy also.
Looks like there will big berries this year.

This is hard on hubby's knees and back muscles, even with knee pads.


  1. It's fun to see things growing, and have a few crops to harvest, even in your harsh conditions. Looks like you have a watering system to keep things going.

  2. I will be doing the same. The garden looks lovely Lin, enjoy and love that guy more each day...he's a gem.

  3. Your garden is sounding and looking absolutely awesome, Lin! I LOVE plant that "don't die." I wonder if they sell those sculptures here too. I'd stick them all over my "garden."