Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day trip to SLC

Up in Northern Utah to visit family. Spent the day with my twin grand daughters...we took the trax train from Draper to Salt Lake City's Temple Square. It was fun but a cold rainy day...

Waiting in the rain for the Trax train
Fun day with the twins : l-r Heather and Emilee
All aboard...
Get your ticket here, round trip eliminates driving in the city.
The trains arrive about every 15 minutes...
At Family History Discovery center, fascinating to see your ancestor's life on screen

Whatever is on familysearch.org shows up on the touch screen plus maps
We took a tour of Family History Library and useful microfilm readers
What a view in the rain of the Salt Lake City LDS Temple
Lunch at Joseph Smith building was fun on our girl's day out.
Beautiful spring flowers everywhere
Tulips everywhere
Rain in background in SLC temple
My umbrella and rain coat came in handy.


  1. What a lovely outing for you. Such pretty spring flowers.

  2. We visited Temple Square briefly on a trip to Colorado some years back. It was near Easter time and the flower displays were incredible. I will always remember that beauty.

  3. Glad you all had fun. There's nothing as sweet as quality time with loved ones. My, my, my the twins are growing up so fast...young ladies already.