Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day Trip to Mesquite with hubby

We traveled today to Mesquite Nevada just 30 minutes away to see the results of the annual Mesquite Fine Arts and Poetry contest that I've entered every year for ages....This year I had 3 poems selected as inspiration for artwork but no awards will be given until the end of the month. (More on that later this month.) It's a fun experience each year trying to write a poem that an artist will find inspiration in to make a work of art-mostly paintings. Here's some photos of the natural beauty in our desert area. Also went shopping for some replacement plants for our yard at Star Nursery in Mesquite.

Driving north returning to Utah from Nevada

Different size and colored rocks in big bags for landscaping

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Linda Reeder said...

Around here those plants are specialties that have to go in a greenhouse over winter. Desert plants are so interesting.