Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Drive in our Redrock Country

The day started out rainy but soon cleared and was sunny.
I love redrocks, cedar trees and greenness of Spring here.
Driving a circle around Gunlock and Veyo was fun to do today.
An old school house or church on the Shiwits Indian Reservation
The road to Gunlock had little traffic which pleased my hubby
Rocks everywhere
Amazing the variety of subtle colors in the mountains
Volcano cones are everywhere and lava rock also.


Linda Reeder said...

Utah has wonderful geology and scenery.

wispy willow said...

Okay, your pics are making me miss home.

dellgirl said...

Lin, thanks for the tour through this beautiful scenery. That was a nice road trip. The photos are awesome!

Jean said...

What stunning landscapes you get to enjoy!