Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shopping in Santa Clara

Wednesday-playday with my BFF Caryn as we went to lunch, talked lots and shopped in nearby Santa Clara at one of our favorite shops Uncle and Auntys for decoration stuff. I love to take photos of all the fun springy displays. So here you go.

Those are real daffodils blooming in March
More blooms coming and promises of flowers yet to come
I love old rusty stuff...
Caryn loved this ornate gate hanging on the wall.
Lots of Easter stuff, bunnies, eggs, spring tulips...
So many bunnies and fun stuff to look at
More bunnies, signs and green leaves
Love how they display these statues
Nowadays plastic plants look so real
Fun vases and more realistic blooming flowers
Notice all the containers and the string of lights to use for your patio
Birds, birdhouses and other fun stuff


dellgirl said...

These are beautiful photos, as usual, Lin. I enjoyed browsing along with you and Caryn, that was a fun trip. Thanks for taking me along.

Kay said...

It must be so much fun to shop with Caryn. Thank you for taking us along.