Friday, March 10, 2017

Fun Day Trip with hubby

After a busy week of tying up the details for our poetry weekend-writing evaluations, budgeting, thank yous, etc., it was time to do something fun with hubby. On my list of places to explore locally was the ruins of Fort Pearce. An old fort built in the 1860s for a lookout during the Black Hawk Indian War. It was never attacked, but did guard the trail from Southern Utah to the road to California.

Out on a dusty bumpy road near Washington, Utah
Remains of an old fort that has been reconstructed partially
View from the fort looking down on Little Valley with 3 wheelers dust

Interesting rock construction with port for shooting guns
No clues if there was a roof or not.
Quite small 44 X 22 feet
Interesting petroglyphs here and there.

Closeups of to enlarge
Pioneer guards signatures
Interesting trail to spring nearby, temps in mid 70s.
Perfect weather to explore in
View form the parking lot
On the road back, looking at Pine Valley mountains

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Linda Reeder said...

Mid 70's, sunny and dry - sounds lovely. We like to explore historic sites too.