Sunday, March 5, 2017

Exhausting CREATIVE Weekend

It was the 8th annual Poetry in the Park plus Z-Arts lecture in Zion Park plus Redrock Creative Writing Seminar on Saturday this past weekend, that makes for lots of work and opportunities to learn more from our excellent teacher Rosemerry Wahtola-Trommer from Colorado focusing us on Exploring Metaphors. Here's some photos, more coming later. So happy to involve high school and college poets as well as adult poets. (Missed taking a photo of our DSU poets.)

Early morning in early spring is cool, windy and beautiful in Zion.
We had 30 poets there all together-ages 17 through 77.
Enjoying a nature walk with our naturalist leading the group.
We saw deer grazing, wild turkeys and squirrels, lots of red rock.
The view looking outside from the Zion Park Lodge.
l-r: me, Damon, Dave Cullimore-HHS teacher, Emile and Rosemerry
Our teacher wanted our chairs in a circle so we could interact more.
Damon and Emily HHS students wrote a joint nature poem.
Our poets from DSU: (l-r) Danielle, me, Sarah, Rosemerry and Turner


Linda Reeder said...

It looks like it was a success!.Well done, Lin.

dellgirl said...

Exhausting and creative is good. I don't mind being exhausted after a nice creative project. Looks like everybody had fun, I hope so. The photos are beautiful.