Saturday, February 11, 2017


With all our warm temperatures and spring rains, it became necessary to think about pruning the rose bushes. They were huge from not pruning last year when we had lots of roses. We'll see what happens this year. Hubby loves to prune anything so I watched with a little fear and he went to work with lots of energy. I wonder sometimes if we don't get pruned in our own lives and wonder about the results...more on that later as I'm writing a poem on personal pruning by a wise! I worked on weeding the large strawberry patch next to the roses and can hardly move today...getting old!

This is the before pruning the wild rose bushes....
They grew out of control and over our 6 foot wall...
Cutting up the trims to fill our garbage can was lots of work.

The last bush is the yellow rose of Texas...


  1. our neck of the woods we have to prune in the late fall. Deseret area must have a different time table cuz you grown things most of the year, right?

  2. You were gardening too!
    We aren't really warm yet, but we make hay when the sun shines.
    Rose pruning here comes after the first of March. Wow! that's not that far away!

  3. I "FEEL" Ya on being sore and can hardly move the next day. I almost got sore just reading about it. LOL Good you all got it done, not that's off your plate...on to something else. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Hubby! I hope you have a wonderful day.