Monday, February 6, 2017

More FUN

I've discovered window shopping is lots of fun and good exercise. When combined with lunch with a close friend, it's a JOY!

Gray seems to be in the favorite decor color at Passport's store
Lots of knick knacks to check out for the finished look.
My house is all decorated every inch, so I don't need anything new.
Lots of fun ideas, I'm looking for yard decor items this year.
Every color and style of chair you could ever want is here...
Interesting things to add just that special touch.
Mirors and clocks are BIG ITEMS for many decorators.
This 3D metal painting sculputure caught my eye...


Kay said...

This IS fun! I see you must be with Caryn.

Linda Reeder said...

So glad you are having fun!

dellgirl said...

You're right about being with a special friend making things more fun. Spending time with a good friend is one of life's sweet treats.

gremhog said...

Have you posted pix of your home...throughout it...seeing all the decor? I'd love to see it...maybe i missed it