Saturday, February 25, 2017

Exciting News

My oldest grand daughter will be turning 18 in May and has chosen to go on an 18 month mission for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). We all gathered virtually to hear the news as she opened her mission call. Her grand parents from New York were on the telephone, I'm on the bottom right of the screen and other family members from Utah participated, while Emilee is at school in Idaho. I learned lots about this type of connection that my techie son Daniel, Emilee's father, organized. You can't all speak at the same time and when you do speak you are shown to others. It was fun to participate.

James the youngest Hatch family member is all excited about this event.
Here's the soon to be missionary Emilee waits for everyone to gather

Happy young woman who is going to Paris, France in July 2017


  1. Congratulations to Emilie. Paris will be a wonderful experience.
    And yes, technology can bring us together across the distances. It's wonderful.

  2. Wow! Paris! What a wonderful experience for Emilee.

  3. Congratulations to a lovely young woman!