Friday, February 17, 2017

Caryn's new year round home

Caryn my friend has been spending the winters here for the past few years and they finally decided to buy a bigger home and live here year round. I love her new home and how she has decorated it. Here's a guided tour. They moved in this past weekend.

Here is the outside view and they have a huge 3 car garage that her hubby loves.
Their backyard is full of trees and decorative rocks
I can almost taste the BBQ and hear the babbling brook now.
Inside is the great room with a large kitchen, dining and living room tg.
Lots of shelves to decorate with Caryn's bowl collections
More shelves to decorate with fun stuff collected on our shopping trips.
Corner bookcases in the dining area

More treasures to display, note fun wall colors

Living area with fireplace, TV and more storage.
Love Caryn's decorative displays everywhere
Still waiting for area rug and furniture in this area
Master bedroom is huge with a fireplace in the corner
Master bathroom is roomy with huge bathtub and double shower.
This is a never ending closet...
Guest bedroom, then there is a study and small TV room also.
I love this guest bathroom-so classy
These blinds fascinate me, I want some...


Jean said...

What a beautiful, spacious home. And that closet!

Kay said...

Wow! THAT is a dream house to be sure!

Linda Reeder said...

Beautiful home, Caryn. It's fun to see it.

dellgirl said...

I'm packing my bags right NOW, be there shortly Caryn! LOLLL Seriously, this is absolutely beautiful. Thanks, Caryn, for letting us have a peek. And, thanks for sharing it, Lin.