Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Art Museum visit...

Today Caryn and I spent our weekly outing visiting the new student art exhibit at the Sears Art gallery at Dixie State University. It was fun and we also had lunch at a new to us Mexican restaurant in town.

Featuring a variety of media: oil, watercolor, pastels, scupltures & more
Click to enlarge, check out the background
Lots of southwest landscapes of this area and its great beauty
Interesting modern sculptures of steel and glass
Lots to see and absorb as we walked around the gallery
Wood sculpture carefully made of pioneer times/transportation
Kokopelli-Indian flute statue
Native American making his rock art
Love mountain landscapes and especially the reflection in the water
Trees, shadows and light are always stunning
Fun glass pieces reflect light and design
Interesting design and colors in this piece
Utah Canyonlands with their red rocks are interesting
Freedom of movement is captured here.


Kay said...

These are such gorgeous creations. I love how you and Caryn find so many fun things to do in your area.

Terri Tiffany said...

I would so enjoy visiting a museum like this. The art looks awesome especially the pottery like items. Glad you had a fun day out!