Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Time for Poetry in the Park

This is my 5th year of being in charge. A busy weekend is in store for me. Check out the details by clicking on this LINK. If you live near Southern Utah, come join us for three days of writing/poetry workshops in 70 degree weather, sunshine and NO SNOW! This is the way to do WINTER...and develop your creative muse.
Photo from St. George News online, to see article-click here

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Exciting News

My oldest grand daughter will be turning 18 in May and has chosen to go on an 18 month mission for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). We all gathered virtually to hear the news as she opened her mission call. Her grand parents from New York were on the telephone, I'm on the bottom right of the screen and other family members from Utah participated, while Emilee is at school in Idaho. I learned lots about this type of connection that my techie son Daniel, Emilee's father, organized. You can't all speak at the same time and when you do speak you are shown to others. It was fun to participate.

James the youngest Hatch family member is all excited about this event.
Here's the soon to be missionary Emilee waits for everyone to gather

Happy young woman who is going to Paris, France in July 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Art Museum visit...

Today Caryn and I spent our weekly outing visiting the new student art exhibit at the Sears Art gallery at Dixie State University. It was fun and we also had lunch at a new to us Mexican restaurant in town.

Featuring a variety of media: oil, watercolor, pastels, scupltures & more
Click to enlarge, check out the background
Lots of southwest landscapes of this area and its great beauty
Interesting modern sculptures of steel and glass
Lots to see and absorb as we walked around the gallery
Wood sculpture carefully made of pioneer times/transportation
Kokopelli-Indian flute statue
Native American making his rock art
Love mountain landscapes and especially the reflection in the water
Trees, shadows and light are always stunning
Fun glass pieces reflect light and design
Interesting design and colors in this piece
Utah Canyonlands with their red rocks are interesting
Freedom of movement is captured here.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Caryn's new year round home

Caryn my friend has been spending the winters here for the past few years and they finally decided to buy a bigger home and live here year round. I love her new home and how she has decorated it. Here's a guided tour. They moved in this past weekend.

Here is the outside view and they have a huge 3 car garage that her hubby loves.
Their backyard is full of trees and decorative rocks
I can almost taste the BBQ and hear the babbling brook now.
Inside is the great room with a large kitchen, dining and living room tg.
Lots of shelves to decorate with Caryn's bowl collections
More shelves to decorate with fun stuff collected on our shopping trips.
Corner bookcases in the dining area

More treasures to display, note fun wall colors

Living area with fireplace, TV and more storage.
Love Caryn's decorative displays everywhere
Still waiting for area rug and furniture in this area
Master bedroom is huge with a fireplace in the corner
Master bathroom is roomy with huge bathtub and double shower.
This is a never ending closet...
Guest bedroom, then there is a study and small TV room also.
I love this guest bathroom-so classy
These blinds fascinate me, I want some...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Our RS Leaders l-r Cathy our past president and Heidi the new prez
Cathy was in charge of this activity called 100 Hundred Dresses
We collected slightly used but nice clothing for women

Donating clothing for needy women for job interviews was important
The director of our church thrift store tell us about Deseret Industries
we also donate used clothing to refugees and for countries
needing humanitarian help plus provide job training for those unemployed
Lovely decorations made it a great Valentine's party.
Lots of socializing and a fun potato bar made it a festive occasion
Yummy potato bar and cheesecake
Fun Valentine's spring flowers at home are enjoyable.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


With all our warm temperatures and spring rains, it became necessary to think about pruning the rose bushes. They were huge from not pruning last year when we had lots of roses. We'll see what happens this year. Hubby loves to prune anything so I watched with a little fear and trepidation...as he went to work with lots of energy. I wonder sometimes if we don't get pruned in our own lives and wonder about the results...more on that later as I'm writing a poem on personal pruning by a wise gardener...lol! I worked on weeding the large strawberry patch next to the roses and can hardly move today...getting old!

This is the before pruning the wild rose bushes....
They grew out of control and over our 6 foot wall...
Cutting up the trims to fill our garbage can was lots of work.

The last bush is the yellow rose of Texas...

Monday, February 6, 2017

More FUN

I've discovered window shopping is lots of fun and good exercise. When combined with lunch with a close friend, it's a JOY!

Gray seems to be in the favorite decor color at Passport's store
Lots of knick knacks to check out for the finished look.
My house is all decorated every inch, so I don't need anything new.
Lots of fun ideas, I'm looking for yard decor items this year.
Every color and style of chair you could ever want is here...
Interesting things to add just that special touch.
Mirors and clocks are BIG ITEMS for many decorators.
This 3D metal painting sculputure caught my eye...