Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fun in the New Year

Well, my friend Caryn is back and out Wednesday excursions of talking, shopping and lunch continue. She's been gone for the holidays visiting families but now it's PLAYTIME!

Caryn's front door reflects hope for spring still many months off.
We found our favorite scrapbook place that had moved and had fun browsing.
What a fun place with all kinds of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Which pattern and color of paper would work for Caryn's next art project

Can Valentines be it's not!
I like this sign, I bought some small journal for $1 each for y next writing classs.
We are bundled up as it's cold 40 degrees out but no snow, rain tomorrow promised
A new store the WOOD CONNECTION, love those wooden letters to decorate
We are each going to sand, paint and collage our names for our office desks
Lots of clever ideas for signs for home and patio for every holiday!
WE could spend all day here, so fun to just look for new ideas.
Perfect ending to an afternoon of art shopping, Einstein Bagels-never eaten here...
Being a new customer, the clerk gave us both free bagels. Cranberry-yummy!


  1. When Caryn comes we all get to share in the fun!

  2. You and Caryn know how to enjoy a day out and about! Looks like you've got some fun projects in the works. I'll enjoy seeing your results when you post them.

  3. Oh what fun it is to spend time with special friends. Caryn is such a delight, I just know you two had the best old time. Tell Caryn hi for me.