Friday, December 16, 2016

Poem published in UTSPS Panorama

My days of being published are over except for poems. When I retired I wrote 5 books in 5 yeasrs: My books are still spotlighted on my blog in the left column at the bottom and available: (1) Looking Back at the Good Old Days (2) Nature Notes for Kids: collection of poetry for my grandkids, (3) Find Your Voice, Write Your Life Story, (4) Family Home Evening for Empty Nesters and Singles, and my last attempt: Discover Your Voice After Divorce: Writing workbook for Healing and Recovery. The last two books are available as e-books from So guess you could say I've achieved some success if not!

So here's my latest published poem in Panorama 2016 entitled:

Gingerly he crosses
the uneven ground
afraid of falling,
holds firmly to his cane.

Three months have passed
since she departed,
leaving him behind, alone.

Sixty years ago,
they were so young, in love,
pledged their vows solemnly.

Oh, to return now 
for one day or just an hour,
hold her in his arms,
tenderly express his love,
feel again her sweet touch.

Time is too cruel
taking her away so suddenly,
his dear companion.

He leaves a single daisy,
her favorite…on the grave.
1. League of Utah Writers Contest 2012
Narrative Poem, 3rd Honorable Mention
2. Published in LUW’s Shimmering 2013
3. UTSPS Panorama 2016


  1. It is a lovely and poignant poem, Lin.

  2. 5 books in 5 years is quite an accomplishment in my opinion. Congratulations on that achievement, Lin. The poem is heartwarming and insightful. Congratulations on getting it published. That's wonderful.

  3. I agree with Linda Reeder. This is such a lovely and poignant poem. The poem will make one pause, look around, take accounts of one's life and realize the futility of chasing after materialism.