Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fun with CARYN

Time to unwind after all the trauma of the friend Caryn and I have been out and about.

Attending the outdoor amphitheater at  Tuachan was fun.
The featured performer was David Archuleta-LDS pop singer-what a voice!
Shopping is always fun on another day especially thrift and antique stores.
Lovely lunch of Quiche Lorraine at the Granery in Santa Clara
Off to the Labyrinth at Kayenta down this little path.
There it is a path to serenity and healing if you allow yourself the time.

Walking slowly on the labryinth can bring inner peace.
In the center is a place to sit and meditate for as long as you like.


Linda Reeder said...

From the high country of DJan's post to the desert of yours there is healing in being outdoors.

Jean said...

This is the kind of day I would like to have. Glad you got to do this with Caryn.

Rambling Woods said...

Having fun with your buddy sounds perfect