Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Well, time moves on and after many months like five months or so of letting my hair grow out, it is white! Depressing to me cause I'm not ready to be a little old lady. Being 5' 9" that's difficult. So after a weekend at grandparents day and traveling by air to Utah Valley plus my grandson James asking me if I didn't used to be a blond, I decided to make a change back to light blond. Here's the before and after photos.

The old granny felt washed out and colorless.
The modern grandma used Clairol and $7 and 30 minutes later-colorful me...
Hubby's been busy with the flooring of the boat
and seats, but it all needs staining and finishing which will take quite a while.


Linda Kay said...

I like it! I've been wrestling with the same thing, as it isn't cheap to stay blonde!

gremhog said...

good for you

Nedo said...

Mom, I like your hair. I am going through the same thing, I have been letting my hair grow it's own color which is very silver in the front. salt and pepper in the back, being brown haired turk, I had to put in some bloond in my hair to skew the dye line. I don't think I will go back to dark hair since I don't have dark hair anymore, some people tells me that at age 54 I should not be doing this. But I am sick and tired of going to hairdresser ever 3 to 4 weeks. I am not about to cut my hair short since I am a long-haired type. Any words of wisdom, oh I can be a little old lady I am barely 5.3'' :D xo