Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Caryn's BACK!

My snowbird friend Caryn BFF has returned to St. George for the winter-spring months, How fun to have a day of talking, walking and shopping. I love how she decorates her home. See photos:

Caryn at her decorated  front door with a new short hairdo...
I love the steel pumpkin filled with other pumpkins
Cute skeleton couple just sitting peacefully together in the dining area.
Dining table decoration is warm and friendly

Even the kitchen sandwich bar has special touches.

It's a fake sweet potato plant that looks real!
Cool guest room is so inviting and tastefully decorated.
In the hallway a reminder of who watches over us all.
Master bedroom looks inviting and peaceful
Caryn's artist desk and some of her fun drawings-she's quite the artist.
Another guest bedroom awaits family visits.
A fun real bird's nest adds to the decor of this room
Some of Caryn's many homemade bracelets. She is creative!
A motto to follow in the dining area.


Sally Wessely said...

Caryn sounds like a great friend to have. I'm glad she is there with you no. I like the way she decorates too!

I think St. George would be a wonderful place to be a snowbird. I'd like that. I wish I could be a snowbird there. I'd join you on the walks if you'd invite me. ;)

Kay said...

Welcome back, Caryn! She sure is darn artistic! I'm always in awe of the both of you.

Linda Reeder said...

Hi, Caryn! Looks like you have more than a new hairdo for your new look! Lookin' good!
Caryn seems to have an interesting mix of wonderful sense of design and creativeness while being very organized and tidy, a combination not often seen together.