Saturday, October 29, 2016

Artist's Date-QUILT SHOW

Besides shopping, talking, and eating, Caryn and i visited a local quilt show at the De Fiore center in St. George. Love the colors, artistry and wonderful skill involved in these quilts.

My favorite by quilt artist Wanda Bublik
Notice the details- beadwork and embroidry

Amazing the face is made up of beads.

Joint project of quilt blocks-so fun on a family camping theme.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Caryn's BACK!

My snowbird friend Caryn BFF has returned to St. George for the winter-spring months, How fun to have a day of talking, walking and shopping. I love how she decorates her home. See photos:

Caryn at her decorated  front door with a new short hairdo...
I love the steel pumpkin filled with other pumpkins
Cute skeleton couple just sitting peacefully together in the dining area.
Dining table decoration is warm and friendly

Even the kitchen sandwich bar has special touches.

It's a fake sweet potato plant that looks real!
Cool guest room is so inviting and tastefully decorated.
In the hallway a reminder of who watches over us all.
Master bedroom looks inviting and peaceful
Caryn's artist desk and some of her fun drawings-she's quite the artist.
Another guest bedroom awaits family visits.
A fun real bird's nest adds to the decor of this room
Some of Caryn's many homemade bracelets. She is creative!
A motto to follow in the dining area.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I did it AGAIN!

We had 22 winners this year, grades 1st through 12th grade. Great poems.
Six years ago when we moved to St. George from New Harmony, I decided to start a YOUTH POETRY CONTEST to interest our local school children in writing poems. With the Washington County School District's approval and sponsorship of Tuachan's Saturday Market where we held our award program, I was off and running. The theme throughout the years have varied and were chosen to stimulate the student's imagaination
April 2011 I am...
April 2012 What if...
Apr 2013 My Dream
Oct 2013 Peace
Oct 2014 Remembering
Oct 2015 I Wonder
Oct 2016 Free To...
How long will I continue to do this Youth Contest? Not sure, but since I'm still alive and kicking plus students want to enter and teachers and parents are pleased, guess I'll continue. Any suggestions for next year's theme? Leave me a comment-I'm running out of ideas. Really!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Busy week...

The weekend was judging for the Youth Poetry Contest I put on yearly with about 200 entries this year-Sat is the awards program-more later on that. Monday was DUP-Daughters of Utah Pioneer lesson on Utah history, then my Healing Memoir class, Tuesday was RS-Relief Society preparedness meeting, Wed was  gathering books and making award certificates for giving to the winners of the Youth Poetry Contest, today I attended the St. George temple in the afternoon. Accomplishing lots this week. We;ll take a short vacation trip next weekend to Kanab for a writers conference.

This sign says it all.
Always lots of nice decorations at our luncheon meetings
We learn more about preparedness.
Yes our mem are very supportive of Relief Society activities.
We even got some of the hubbies involved.
Deann helped organize the activity
Kathleen gets around very w ell with a hurting foot.
Akemi leads the suitcase shuffle dance routine.
Our new Relief Society president Heidi is full of enthusiasm and love.
Great pumpkin cookies
Lots of homemade soups!
Carolyn's a real live wire....
Hubby's been busy to say the least....
Floor boards all cut now they need to be stained and attached.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Looking for Autumn Leaves

It was time again for a trip to Pine Valley to escape our desert climate. It was cool up there and windy. Took a picnic lunch along and had to wear a jacket to keep warm. Lots of autumn leaves and deer everywhere. Nice day away.