Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer visitors...

Summer visitors, my twin grand daughters: l-r Heather and Emilee soon off to college.
Daniel brought the twins for a short visit and had to see the boat project in the garage.
Never ending days of apoxying after a 4 month vacation of not working on the boat.
Before hubby applies apoxy, he masks those parts that don't need glue on them.
This is the back seat part of the boat that will have floor boards and seats 


Linda Reeder said...

The twins off to college already? They were little just yesterday!
That boat is taking forever. I'm sure it will be flawless.

dellgirl said...

It's hard to believe the twins are going off to college. Seems like only yesterday they were little-bitty things. That's awesome! You are truly blessed.

Millie said...

Your family is lovely and the boat is coming along great. He is doing a very nice job...Millie