Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day Trip to the MOUNTAINS

Time to head for the cool Cedar Mountains when our temperatures hit 110+ degrees.
Those green things are trees and Navaho Lake is in the background.

It a real live antelope, this is the land where they roam!
Pastoral setting near Panguitch Lake, so cool and refreshing-would like to live here.
It's a little stream meandering through this little valley.
Panquitch Lake is popular for boating and fishing.
Parowan Canyon another canyon near Cedar City.


wispy willow said...

sigh... leaves me with a hunger to return to the beauty of Southern Utah. I wonder if the four of us would ever take a day trip together. For Pete's sake we roamed all over parts of Oregon together. I liked that trip... a LOT. So did Wayne. Was Allen okay with it? hmmmm now the wheels are turning. But back to the point. These are some lovely photos, Lin. You have a keen, artistic eye. And evidently, a husband who stops the car so you can take a picture. It takes Wayne a solid three miles to pull over. By then whatever I wanted to take a snapshot of is out of walking distance.

Linda Reeder said...

Beautiful, Lin. How much cooler is it there if it is 110 in the desert?

gremhog said...

Home Home on the I'm going to be singing this song all day long...thank you antelopes