Thursday, May 5, 2016

Busy week again...

Tuesday was my monthly eye appointment for another injection to help my eye in healing. Not fun but necessary. As they say and I now understand, old age isn't for sissies.Then it takes a day to recuperate. Today we took off for Zion Park to evaluate my volunteer work as chair of Poetry in the Park held on March 4, 2016. It went well and we will go forward with the planning for next year's event. It will be my 5th year of coordinating this activity.

Busy time of year at Zion Park and long lines waiting to get into the park...
My meeting was at the park museum so Allen went to a geologylecture
Amazing color and layers of geologic time are everywhere.
I love Utah's redrocks, it is home to me.
Lots of quaint older homes in nearby Rockville
Sand Hollow reservoir near St. George where one day Allen will launch his boat.


Linda Kay said...

Lin, there is something uniquely beautiful about the natural landscape in your part of the country.

Jean said...

I'd like to see Zion some day. It's on my bucket list.