Friday, May 13, 2016

Blooming Desert Beauty

Caryn is soon leaving for Northern Utah and coolness but we have a few more times to explore the beauties of the St. George Area.

Red Hills Desert Garden is a free area to explore and walk around.

With native plants, shrubs and trees it looks familiar!
Every color flower you could think of is blooming now in our spring
This is a strange looking flower that I don't remember the name.
Red and yellow yuccas are in full bloom everywhere+in our yard too.
Interesting gopher plant with shades of green leaves.
This cactus will have a lovely bloom in a few days.
Caryn with her new hairdo/color looks out over St. George. 
More yucca blooms in our red rock  paradise!
Purple blooms are common in our area with bright yellow centers.
Cherry colored blooms with contrasting yellow centers wave goodbye.


Kay said...

I love the colors of your flowers and Caryn's hair. You do have such beautiful flora in your area.

Linda Reeder said...

Wonderful colors!
I like Caryn's new hairdo!

Rambling Woods said...

How beautiful