Saturday, May 21, 2016


Been watching this nest for weeks actually month or so while it was being built, then while the mama robin sat on the next THEN today three little beaks appeared so the eggs have hatched. Click to enlarge photos.

They are alive and hungry, mama has gone to look for bugs!
After feeding them, mama rest on top of them, look at those eyes.
Always wanting food, never time to rest-it's triplets!
Where daddy bird when I need him?
Look at those eyes, aren't they ugly but yet cute?


Linda Kay said...


Kay said...

Terrific photos, Lin. Now we all know it's spring!

gremhog said...

I love it when a bird nests close to the windows. This spring we have a swallow's nest out front. When we walk out the front door, 2 swallows nose dive us or fly in circles around us, chattering all the time. It's so funny and so sweet.