Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter BIRDS

Photo and free verse poem by Lin Floyd

Little dove sitting huddled on a bare branch,
feathers fluffed against the biting winter winds,
how do you survive season after season?

Watching out for hungry hawks searching
for a tasty tidbit, finding a mate then nesting 
nearby continues the wonder of new life.

Year after year, your routine doesn't vary,
patterns planted by nature over time
written in your DNA and instincts forever.

I too cling to old patterns and routines,
day after day seeking comfort and warmth
from winter's vicissitudes and daily trials.
I long for spring and new growth to return
as winter birds wait to sing their mating songs.
Summer will return with its promises.


Terri Tiffany said...


Linda Reeder said...

I like it!

Jean said...

I enjoy our winter birds. Just wish they'd come around more often. The return of spring/summer birds is always pretty darned exciting, though.