Monday, February 15, 2016

Visiting Winter

It's getting hotter in town up to 70 degrees so we decided to drive to a nearby location to take some photos of winter in Pine Valley mountains north of us. It was fun to get out of town for an afternoon. We took some Jimmy John sandwiches, pop and chips along for a quick picnic. Unfortunately the temps up there were 50 degrees so we had our picnic in the warm car. Here's some photos of winter in Southern Utah.

About 30 miles out of town up in the mountains is where Pine Valley is locsted
Quite in the winter, it's hopping in the summer with campers, hikers, etc.
That two story house is the old Pine Valley LDS Chapel restored
New fancy summer homes are located on hills overlooking the valley.
Many old homes have been restored and serve both full time and part time residents.
Okay that's enough snow and cold temps, let's eat our lunch and return to spring.


Jean said...

Beautiful scenery. I got a kick out of your feeling 50 degrees was too chilly to be outside.😂 It's all according to what we're used to, obviously. I was thrilled to see it's only 34degrees outside this early evening.

Rambling Woods said...

Even the 50s sound good!