Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Daniel and Tina's new kitchen

Just returned from a three day visit with family in Northern Utah. I flew up to visit and attend the Provo City Temple Open House. Photos of that in my nexxt post.
Tile flooring with heating replaces kitchen wooden floors
New cabinets hide the dish washer under the glass cupboard doors

Three ovens: a steaming, warming & induction oven

Larger sink area and hidden frig on the left with freezer in the bottom
Stankding island hides a microwave, will have six stools for sitting
Decorataive back splash tiles also trim the sink area-see below.
James like to cook, he's making snowman pancakes.
The cousins Rory and Eddie love the brownie sugarfree man.
Can we eat it...please!
Yummy chocolate!
Everyone likes to play with fun uncle Daniel.
James was popular for giving piggy back rides.
Meanwhile my sons-Dan & Jeff are looking at our family genealogy online.


  1. the kitchen is lovely and bright, I love it.

  2. Adorable children! I really like the kitchen... Really nice!

  3. kitchen looks perfect. I am sure Dan is a fun uncle. Just look at his sweet face