Monday, February 29, 2016

Just an ordinary DAY...

Homemade hamburgers, spring flowers from our yard-peacefulness!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Parade of Homes 2016

Every year St. George hold their Parade of Homes to see new ideas in building and decorating. Here's the Sunriver model.

High on a hillside in Sunriver, not too exciting exterior...
The view to the North is spectacular...
This is the great room with family room, dining and kitchen all together
Behind the couches is the dining room and kitchen side by side.
Looking from dining area to the kitchen.
Fun office computer room with lots of stuff to!
Guest bedroom, note black and white theme throughout the home
Another guest room each with its own bathroom
Master bedroom has a view out the back that is spectacular.
Master bath has two separate sink areas, jacuzzi tub and shower

The other sink area in master bath, man is standing at shower entrance
The shower area was blah, did have two shower heads but no artsy stuff.
Laundry room was fun with tiles and cabinets...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family tour of Provo City Temple Open House

The 150th LDS Temple was originally a tabernacle
Jeff and kids, unfortunately Rachel was sick.
Six of my seven grandkids and two of my four sons, one dg-in-law
View from the outside, no photos allowed inside but photos are online
Yes I was there, but taking the photos, it was cold and trying to snow
Great restoration and architectural  details
Twins and youngest grandkids
Off to our favorite eating place Golden Corral: Heather, Jeff and Eddie
Rory and Grandma got to sit together and talk...
Dan, Tina, Emilee, Nathan and James filled one booth

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Daniel and Tina's new kitchen

Just returned from a three day visit with family in Northern Utah. I flew up to visit and attend the Provo City Temple Open House. Photos of that in my nexxt post.
Tile flooring with heating replaces kitchen wooden floors
New cabinets hide the dish washer under the glass cupboard doors

Three ovens: a steaming, warming & induction oven

Larger sink area and hidden frig on the left with freezer in the bottom
Stankding island hides a microwave, will have six stools for sitting
Decorataive back splash tiles also trim the sink area-see below.
James like to cook, he's making snowman pancakes.
The cousins Rory and Eddie love the brownie sugarfree man.
Can we eat it...please!
Yummy chocolate!
Everyone likes to play with fun uncle Daniel.
James was popular for giving piggy back rides.
Meanwhile my sons-Dan & Jeff are looking at our family genealogy online.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Visiting Family in Northern Utah

Having lunch with son Daniel after he picked me up at the airport.
Watching Emilee doing some AP artwork for school.
Emilee is painting faces for a project.
Eating dinner with the grandkids l-r James, Emilee and Heather
Nathan playing video games, his favorite pastime

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Caryn and I on our weekly play day returned to Star Nursery to get some plants for our yards. The weather has been lovely with temps in the 70s and lots of sunshine. Perfect planting weather before our rain and wind storm of last night, but all is well with the flower garden for now. The roses and berries are pruned too.

Our shopping cart at Star Nursery filled with Valentine flowers to buy
Lunch at my favorite place Paula's Mexican Restaurant
with a chicken advocate salad! It's good....
In our side yard, hubby is planting my Sunscape Daisies

First they need to be released from their pots then their
roots need untangled so they can grow. 
The official name of these fun yellow daisies that will grow in the desert
Gentle hands carefully plant the daisies
Job done, while i weeded the strawberries and watched hubby work.
Our pampus grass grew great this year but our little dwarf peach tree is struggling with bores. Last year it had 50 or more peaches but a local critter ate them all when ripe before we could get any...sob!