Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time to redecorate kitchen

Eight years ago I bought a bunch of old baskets from our local thrift store to put on some empty ledges in my kitchen. Never really liked them and so I decided it was time to redecorate. Getting all those baskets down was easier than putting them up. I just used a broom handle to hook their handle and bring them down to my level. They went back to the same thrift store.

You can see I have lots of ledges-just took these down in front-didn't
replace with anything...
Talk about busy, left antiques in left corner, simplified the frig stuff,
took down the other baskets
these baskets are long gone,  replaced by a fun rooster-see below.
This front corner was left as is but spread out a bit
These baskets are gone, less is better at times...
simplified antique corner
Remember these things from my shopping trip? Over the stove area 
Love my farm+antique flavor and got rid of a ton of duty baskets.


  1. Before our kitchen re-do about three years ago, I had plenty of shelf space above the cupboards. I put my Watt Ware collection there, but they were dust-collectors. I don't miss those shelves one bit and it's no longer dangerous to climb up to them to dust.

  2. It's always a good feeling to clear out some old things and give a new look to our corners. Sending those baskets (you never liked -- hehe) back from whence they came.

    I love your rooster corner with the vintage books. Very nice indeed!

    Wishing you a beautiful day, dear Lin!

  3. Your new little groupings look great!

  4. Those look great, but I liked your baskets too.